We are the Imperial Shipyard and we feel privileged. Privileged to stand on the shoulders of giants and proud to create a new inclusive destination, where people are at the heart of events and a society can rise again. A diverse society, that will share the values forever imprinted in this legendary area. To be social, responsible and progressive. Where each individual finds the freedom and the will to be the change to make this place a better place. A place worthy of its history, where #newstories will be written.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

The revitalization of the Imperial Shipyard is a legacy project of 16 ha in the heart of the Young City area in Gdansk, on the banks of the Martwa Wisla river and just a short walk away from the Old Town and Central Station. This monumental site is renowned around the world as the main stage for the historic events that shaped Eastern Europe as we know it today. Solidarity was born here and the unified efforts of many people have made Poland the country it is today. We truly recognize the strong sense of community that was always part of this place. Not just a workplace but a home for people to contribute in a meaningful way, to grow together and build a better future.

People at the heart

With the revitalization of the Imperial Shipyard we celebrate and honour this great legacy. People always stood at the heart of this place and they will in the future. We create the places for people to come together, to build new businesses, to raise their families, enjoy life and create #newstories. Back then, it was the people who gave the place its true meaning and the new communities here will continue this tradition.

Walking in their footsteps

We preserve the shipyard’s atmosphere and underscore the intangible values that make up this impressive place. From adapting the awe-inspiring industrial halls and repurposing the Dock basin, up to safeguarding the shipyard machinery and cobblestone paths. We are walking in their footsteps.Whether we respond to the historic events that took place or daily life at the shipyard, we make these stories tangible by connecting them with specific places on the site.

Aim high

We aim high because this place deserves it. It might not always be the easiest route but with a powerful vision, based on a continuous dialogue, we are confident that we will get there.

Do it!

Like our predecessors, we are action-oriented and want to see change happen now. After so many years of restricted access we have opened the area and welcomed many curious minds. #newstories start today. You are all invited to create them.