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The Imperial Shipyard, historically the oldest part of the former shipyard area, is a place rich in cultural and architectural heritage. The revitalization of this area is an ambitious and complex project that brings both challenges and promises of positive change. A balanced approach, taking into account social, economic, and cultural aspects, is crucial to ensure the long-term success of this endeavor. We can confidently say that 2023 was a very busy year for our entire team at the level of managing existing infrastructure and striving to write new stories. It was also a year in which we hosted many people in our area. One of the most expressive and smiling groups was the group of women from the “Women in Real Estate” Association, which in June 2023 visited the investment area during the Property Walk “From history to #newstories”.

In August 2023 we celebrated the 43rd anniversary of the signing of the Gdańsk Agreement in a unique way. We symbolically inaugurated our August ’80 celebrations on the day the strikes began with an exhibition of one of the most recognizable shipyard photographers – Stanisław Składanowski. The exhibition titled: “August 31, 1980 The day when shipyard workers wrote #newstories” included 21 of the most interesting and iconic photos from the “August 80” exhibition, which was created on the initiative of the author of the photos on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the August Agreements in 2020. The day of signing the August Agreements we celebrated together with the inhabitants of Gdańsk, members of our community, and former shipyard workers who took part in the events of 1980. We dedicated the beginning of the day to the youngest members of our community, inviting them to play arcade and physical games. In the evening, with a portion of freshly popped popcorn, we watched the documentary “Shipyard Workers. People in the Background.” on the facade of the Dyrekcja building.

2023 was also a year of discovering new waters. We have become a sponsor of the Gdańsk Rowing Society “Gedania”. The company and the club signed a sponsorship agreement, under which the club will receive construction materials from the company enabling the renovation of the club’s gym and a set of T-shirts for male and female players for the coming season. We are proud to have the opportunity to support a club with such a rich history and impact on the local community. We hope that by improving the club’s housing conditions and relieving some current worries, we will give them some breathing space so that they can fight for more medals and #newstories.

Traditionally, just before Christmas, we visited former shipyard workers who are still very interested in the future of this area. Also during the Christmas Eve meeting with the Association of the Guardians of the Gdańsk Shipyard Memory, the members of the association not only shared with us their memories related to the area but also expressed hope for further projects that again will breathe life into the old walls.

We can confidently say that 2023 was full of inspiring challenges, dynamic development, and prospects for 2024 for the entire team, which will be a breakthrough year. We will soon share with you details about the first real new stories… Stay tuned 😉

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