2nd life for the Dyrekcja Building

2nd life for the Dyrekcja Building

Refurbishment works of historic landmark completed.

After 16 months of intensive work, we are extremely proud to have completed the refurbishment of this important heritage building. Thanks to the involvement of many organizations and people, we managed to start a new chapter of the building, important not only for the history of Gdańsk but also for Poland.


On September 2nd, together with the present guests and those who joined us online with us due to the epidemiological situation, we celebrated the completion of the construction works of the Dyrekcja building. The ceremony began with a performance by the Artistic Academy Gdańsk, which was a symbolic background for the ribbon-cutting ceremony that took place on the steps in front of the building. The performance combined the inherited spirit of this place with the hope of bringing new stories and a community awakening to life with the strength and power of the spirit of solidarity, love, peace, and freedom. Among the symbols during the show, the Victory sign and the gold motif appeared as a symbol of the renewal of this place in dignity and glory.


In the near future, new tenants will gradually move into the Dyrekcja building. The 4,000 sqm building offers a variety of office space, from small ready-made offices to larger spaces that the tenant can adapt to their needs. A novelty is the co-working zone Mind Dock located on the two highest, previously unused floors. In addition, tenants have at their disposal shared conference rooms, relaxation zones, a cafe, and shared kitchenettes, as well as a banquet space, allowing the organization of events for up to 200 people.

The comprehensive renovation of the Dyrekcja included both the interior and exterior of the building, on cleaning 160 thousand. historical bricks, restoration, and replacement of 330 windows, repair, and supplementation of 100 km of joints. This is how we can briefly describe the 16-month revitalization of the Dyrekcja Building in the Imperial Shipyard.

In terms of technical features, the building is ready for the 21st century with completely new installations, among which top-notch audio-video equipment. Also tenants can simply use their smartphone as the key to their office space. Moreover, the building is equipped with a modern ventilation system, providing healthier air and reducing the need for air conditioning. We support the community by providing an online tenant platform called Zapfloor, which can be used among other things for booking meeting rooms and co-working desks.

The delivery of the refurbished Dyrekcja Building is a big step for us in the process of revitalizing this most historic part of the former Gdansk Shipyard.

At last, it fits with our vision to a create place that fully celebrates the creative, innovative, and inspiring life of the 21st century, while carefully displaying the history and heritage.


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