Culinary fireworks at the Fire Station

Culinary fireworks at the Fire Station

Mielżyński Wine Shop and Restaurant open

With the refurbishment of the historic building completed in December 2021, we are very pleased to announce the opening of Mielżyński Wines Spirits Specialties in Gdańsk. The Fire Station building was adapted to new use and will contribute to the mixed-use character, a pillar in our vision for the revitalization of the Imperial Shipyard.

“With the successful and awarded refurbishment of the Dyrekcja Building and upcoming plans for more workplaces and living quarters in our area and within surrounding developments, the demand for places for people to come together, socialize and have a good time grows. We are very happy to cater to these changing needs and are confident that Mielżyński Gdańsk will breathe life into these historic walls.” says Gerard Schuurman, Project Director at Stocznia Cesarska Development.

The building from 1884 is one of the oldest shipyard buildings. Initially, a one-story building, it served as a place for defense and a warehouse for firefighting equipment. In 1903 the building was extended by one story and until 2002 served as the headquarters of the fire brigade.

The building permit design was prepared by the consortium Transforma – Grzegorz Pęczek, Pracownia Kreska Alina Szymańska and Asmont Adam Szymański. The detailed design was prepared by Roark Studio from Sopot, which together with Design Studio Jan Terlecki also prepared the interior design. Unique details like the fire-fighting slides, steel gates, and shooting windows were carefully restored to remind of the building’s history, invariably associated with the fire brigade. The Design Studio Jan Terlecki, responsible for giving a unique character to all Mielżyński wineries, took care of the elements indispensable for the Mielżyński brand. Raw steel shelves in the wine warehouse, bars surrounding the open kitchen, and a stand-up bar created from fragments of crates in which wines arrive, can be found in all of Mielżyński locations. TPS Reapolis was responsible for the overall investor supervision and coordination of construction works.

The store in the form of a warehouse is full of racks and pallets with wine. The tasting room and wine bar are located on the ground floor, in the place of the former fire trucks garages. The restaurant with an open kitchen and outdoor terrace is located on the first floor.


“We always combine wine with food. At the Fire Station, we will have great chefs and a variable, seasonal menu written daily on bar boards (plus a constant selection of plates/appetizers with wine). See you!” encourages his guests Mr. Robert Mielżyński.

With similar successful operations in Warsaw and Poznań, Mielżyński is foremost known for its wide choice of wines and quality food. With an exceptionally good location, the place is likely to become a must-visit spot in Gdańsk and the Tricity area.

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