Santa’s helpers

Santa’s helpers

Christmas at the Shipyard

We have no idea when it has passed, but another year is almost over. Events at our eastern border made the uncertainty that has been with us from the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic intensified and we were forced to show flags. Fortunately, Polish society knows how to approach and rise to the occasion when things are bad.

For us, it was a year of goodbyes and hellos. Jadwiga, who took over the position of Project Director after Gerard, joined the team and we also welcomed Stanisław and Mateusz, who together created the technical department. With the development of the project, for which we know you keep your fingers crossed, our team will continue to grow and we will have reindeers who, together with Santa  Mateusz, will bring gifts and lots of smiles 😉.

Santa Mateusz made a real sensation this year both in the Dyrekcja building, visiting tenants who willingly posed for photos with him, but also visiting our shipyard workers’ friends, who were definitely pleasantly surprised by the new addition to our team. With the help of a mechanized reindeer, we visited former shipyard workers, to whom, in addition to delicacies, we also brought reading in the form of a publication of the National Heritage Institute – Well-kept Monument 2021 – in which the renovation of the Fire station building, received an award.

Thanks to the involvement of our reindeer Agnieszka, the Dyrekcja building has been commercialized 100%. There wasn’t enough room for everyone. Hence, we decided to transform the existing event space into an office. We are not slowing down and we are working on new projects that we would like to share with you soon. Keep your fingers crossed for the next #newstories.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.


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