The Cloakroom

The Cloakroom

See how post-war Poland lived

The shipyard’s history is an essential chapter in post-war Poland. A story not only to be taught within the four walls of classrooms and museums but something that can be explained and shown within the actual shipyard grounds. Hence, in 2018 we’ve initiated the cooperation with the Maritime Historical Foundation in order to propagate the rich history of the shipyard.

The first project was the development of the Imperial Shipyard Route – a historic sightseeing route based on 13 information panels.

The Maritime Historical Foundation also co-created the space in building 42A, which housed the IPN exhibition about the life of Anna Walentynowicz and the nucleus of the exhibition, which can now be seen in building 288A.

Mid-November the foundation inaugurated a historical exhibition on the 1st floor in building 288A, showing the life of Poles in post-war Poland. Probably every Pole over 30 will find at least a few exhibits that bring back childhood memories. At the exhibition, you will see what the popular “M-2” looked like in the 1970s and 1980s and you can find out how Poles were traveling and spent their leisure time.

During weekends, the exhibition can be visited from 10:00 – 18:00.
During workdays, the exhibition can be visited after prior reservation: + 48 605 871 609.


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