The Imperial Shipyard Route

The Imperial Shipyard Route

learn about the history, see the heritage, imagine the neighbourhood

The Imperial Shipyard Route is a new sightseeing/walking route across the Imperial Shipyard, that enables citizens, visitors and tourists to explore the post-shipyard area, learn about the rich history of this place, see the industrial heritage, imagine the future neighbourhood and the #newstories that will be written in this historic place.

The route takes you through a series of 13 points on the Imperial Shipyard area, where visitors can learn about the rich history of the Imperial Shipyard, specific places, buildings and the unique history of the Gdansk Shipyard and the strike in August 1980 which made this area famous all over the world.

We welcome you all to explore the area!

The Imperial Shipyard Route is developed in cooperation with the Maritime Historical Foundation.

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M3 Crane

360° observation deck

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WL4 Art Space

“WL4 – Art Space” Association moved into the so called “Milch Peter” building, located on the east edge of the Imperial Shipyard area

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