PLONY Community Garden

PLONY Community Garden

Community Garden

PLONY is a bottom-up community garden initiative, created by two students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and is envisioned to become a place where individuals can come together and grow their own vegetables in the city, children can learn about nature and citizens can spend their free time.

The Gdańsk Shipyard has a long tradition when it comes to greenery and gardening. With the community garden, we do not only celebrate the area’s history but also allow communities to grow and create a sense of social cohesion.

Moreover, the space is a response to the need to promote a sustainable lifestyle and pro-ecological education as well as the development of cities towards a circular economy. In addition, the project enables active recreation in a city where green space is limited and allotments are difficult to access.

During the summer the space will be filled with a wide program of activities, like: lectures, workshops, tours, or film screenings.

PLONY is opening in June. To find out more about the space and keep yourself updated on upcoming events, be sure to follow PLONY on Facebook.


Newly created art collective at the Imperial Shipyard in Gdańsk.

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