Studio Cesarska

On the top floor of the Dyrekcja Building, we are introducing a pop-up multimedia studio …with a shipyard view!

Studio Cesarska is created together with SVOBODA and allows for the organization of all types of online and hybrid events. Here you will find a professional studio environment for your presentations, training sessions, conferences, integration meetings, gala events, debates, or concerts.

We’ve installed in the studio space high-quality audio-video equipment, including P2mm high resolution, LED screen in a semi-arc, 4k cameras, stage lighting, mixers and media servers, atmospheric loft lighting, and all equipment necessary for online events. Upon the client’s request, the studio can be retrofitted.

The clients of Studio Cesarska have at their disposal a fully equipped kitchenette and an observation deck. The 360 degrees exposure with views on shipyard halls and cranes will add a unique atmosphere to the shootings. Other spaces at the Imperial Shipyard as well as the conference and event spaces at the Dyrekcja building are available to even further expand the range of possibilities.

The studio guarantees its availability 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

For more information download the leaflet or contact us directly:

Stocznia Cesarska                         SVOBODA
Dagmara Rozkwitalska                 Paweł Skawiński
tel. 603 033 304                              tel. 501 230 139