Easter 2021

Easter 2021

The easter bunny visited former shipyard workers

A year ago, when the pandemic was taking its first steps, we were convinced that the fight against the coronavirus would be just a bad memory in a few months. Back in December last year, while delivering Christmas packages and talking to former shipyard workers, we told them about the renovated and recently opened Dyrekcja building, assuring them that as soon as the epidemiological situation allows it, we will invite them to the building for a common Easter breakfast.

Unfortunately. We are at the peak of the third wave of the pandemic, which again makes us cultivate social distance instead of celebrating with family and friends. Regardless of the situation, we set ourselves the task of caring for the well-being of the members of our former shipyard community. We are in constant contact with them and, if possible, we support them also outside the holidays.

Fearless, we set off on Holy Thursday this year in a car provided by the Tri-City based company MiiMove, which supports our activities from the very beginning. On the route, we visited the well-known districts of Przymorze, Zaspa and Pruszcz Gdański.

As usual, there were talks, laughter and a few tears. We value these moments very much and are glad that our initiative was so warmly received by the members of our shipbuilding community.

Just like our shipyard workers, we wish you a peaceful and healthy Easter. As soon as the epidemiological situation allows it, we will organize common holidays at the shipyard.


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