Discover the Imperial Shipyard. Find out how to explore the area.


From its beginnings, the Shipyard was a closed area. Guided by the principle “You won’t love what you don’t see”, in 2018 we opened the area, inviting people to explore the area, so far known to them only from the pages of history. For this purpose, together with the Maritime Historical Foundation, we have developed the Imperial Shipyard Route, which allows you to visit the post-shipyard area on your own.

You are always welcome guests at the Imperial Shipyard giving us great pleasure when you visit us. For common safety, we’ve introduced the House Rules. Entering the area is equivalent to full acceptance of the provisions of the House Rules.



We are glad you take so many fantastic photos that we are happy to follow and admire on our IG and FB profiles.

Photos taken for private use do not require our consent, only the acceptance of the Photo Rules.

For any sessions performed by entities professionally engaged in the production of photo sessions or films, consent must be obtained in advance, which must be applied for at least 14 days before the scheduled session. This applies not only to product sessions but also to wedding or portrait sessions. The inquiry should specify the date of the session, the type of session, the number of people involved in the session, the topic, and the fields of use. All inquiries should be sent by e-mail to or using the contact form below.


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